The Mini-VecLoader is completely self-contained, meaning it can vacuum and directly discharge wet or dry product into a truck, dumpster or other collection device, without complicated setup and with only minimal maintenance. VecLoader’s remain on the job full time without the dumping, shoveling, hoisting, and other multiple handling generally required with vac trucks or other vacuum systems.

The VecLoader is a versatile truck-mounted industrial vacuum loader that never needs to be removed from the vacuuming site for dumping. It can be used for vacuuming coal, ash, dirt, dust, sand, stone, water and slurry utilising a four-inch diameter hose or multiple smaller diameter hoses.

Conventional Vacuum trucks have limitations, whereby they combine a vacuum pump, baghouse/filtration and storage together on a single truck body. As a conventional vacuum truck is filled, it must be taken off site to be emptied, or it contents dumped into a pile for re-handling prior to disposal. With many collected materials, a fully loaded truck often weighs in excess of its rated capacity.

The VecLoader Vacuum concept represents a unique approach to high performance industrial vacuuming.
VecLoaders do not have to be removed for emptying. Therefore, they can stay on the job full time without the shoveling, hoisting, dumping, and other multiple handling steps required with a vacuum truck or other vacuum systems. Our VecLoader is completely self-contained so it can vacuum and directly discharges wet or dry materials into a bulk bag, dump truck, dumpster, hopper or other collection device.

The VecLoader design also can also be utilised to return spilled material directly onto conveyors or into varied processing systems.
The VecLoader advantage is that unlike the conventional vacuum truck, VecLoader storage is not integrated into the system.
VecLoader “storage” is the aforementioned dump truck, dumpster, open-top hopper or other collection device.

Vacuumed materials are evacuated from the VecLoader on a variable timed basis, set by the user. The VecLoader’s dump timer creates a vacuum break with collected material automatically discharged from the baghouse on a preselected cycle. Dump times are established at machine set-up and are easily changed based the material being collected. On most flowable products, the dump cycle is very short, often in the 10 second range.

Our VecLoader features a gravity dump door, which opens at vacuum break as controlled by the aforementioned dump timer. For most applications users determine that continuous vacuuming is not beneficial. Generally, a 10 second break every 10 minutes in not critical to the process, especially since the worker often cannot keep up with the capability of the vacuum. However, where continuous vacuuming is beneficial to the collection process, double dump valves, rotary valves and intermediate separators are available.

VACUUM PUMP: Roots/Dresser Model 412 DVJ Whispair, rotary lobe positive displacement blower.

PUMP RATINGS: Maximum ratings of 1,340 CFM and 28″ Hg.

PERFORMANCE: Using a four-inch hose, bulk dry materials will load up to 6-8 tons per hour/or at distances up to 1200′. Water
will load up to 100 gallons per minute.

ENGINE: John Deere Turbo Diesel with locking engine enclosure.

RATING: 4-cylinder; liquid cooled; turbo charged; 99 HP standard @ 2,400 RPM.

SPECIFICATIONS: Belt drive through Rockford PTO; variable operating speeds between 1,000 to 2,400 RPM; mechanically
governed; 12 volt starter, and 40 AMP alternator with internal regulator; 15″/5 blade pusher fan, mounted on
water pump; dry type air cleaner.

CONTROL PANEL: Water temperature warning, oil pressure warning, oil temperature warning, charge system warning; hour
meter/tachometer; air pressure gauge, Murphy shut down system, key switch.

FUEL: Diesel, 230 litre capacity, approximate running time 8 hours.

COMPRESSOR: 11 ACFM with air reservoir.

VACUUM GAUGE: 0 – 30″ Hg, glycerin filled

COLLECTOR UNLOAD: Collector raises to a maximum height of 2.6m.
Controls are included for automatic, cyclical discharge of collected materials. When the cyclone collector is in raised position, it is upheld by rigid support arms. Discharge is flanged to accept standard flanged gravity spout and other optional discharge valves.

CYCLONE/BAGHOUSE: Cyclone collector with 1/2 cubic metre capacity in the conical storage section flanges. Bag-house contains 90 square feet of felted polypropylene cloth, continuously cleaned by reverse air pulses during the pulse cycle using customer-supplied air. Bag pulsing is controlled by a pressure switch and solenoid valves.

ADDED FILTRATION: 17 square metre sof pleated cellulose microfiltration is on the blower providing final filtration and blower
protection. H.E.P.A. filtration is optionally available.

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