With water pressures fully adjustable from 1000psi up to 4000psi. The versatility of the CKI Hot Pressure Washer is unparalleled. The dual washer functions and adjustable pressure make it perfect for an extensive list of external cleaning applications

When it comes to cleaning applications where you are required to sanitize or degrease an area this is where hot water high pressure cleaners are ideal.
Why?  The reason is that the hot water can dissolve the grease rather than just shifting it as cold water does.

This results in a much cleaner surface. They also clean much faster and more thoroughly than their cold-water counterparts where degreasing is required.


  • Engine – Diesel Kohler KD1404. Max 26kW@3600rpm.
  • Water Pump – Hawk PX1735IR: 350 Bar @ 29l/pm
  • Double steel coil boiler
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
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