Utilising our techniques, we not only have the ability to clean your tank, but to lower your waste disposal costs and minimise your tank’s downtime.

The CKI Industrial philosophy for tank cleaning is to always provide you, the customer, with the best outcome by assessing the selecting the best methodology that will result in maximum product recovery, with minimal waste disposal costs and minimal downtime. We are always looking for new technologies and methods that minimise the many safety and environmental hazards associated with cleaning the interior of tanks – which we recognise and respect as typically very harsh and dangerous environments.

Our tank cleaning techniques are designed to minimise personnel exposure and eliminate or reduce manned entry into tanks.
Our solutions include: robotic cleaning, closed loop systems, tank ventilation, vapour recovery and downstream scrubbing of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC) and/or explosive and poisonous gasses.

Alongside our operational training and experience, we also pride ourselves on high quality and professional project planning and management. All tank cleaning works are undertaken with bespoke planning, engineering, safety and process controls.

CKI Industrial have the capability to clean tanks of any service and of any diameter, from small municipal tanks to Australia’s largest crude oil AST’s.

We have significant operational experience and expertise in the Petrochemcial sector, having managed and cleaned tanks containing crude oil, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, bitumen, petroleum, jet fuel, naphtha, wastewater, sour water and benzene to name a few.

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