Our Industrial Combination Unit, the Cappellotto Cap Combi 3200CL, services a wide range of applications by utilising a combination of the vacuum pump performance along with the 346l/min drain cleaning capability.

The 3200CL 8×4 unit features the following benefits:

  • Mounted to Scania 8×4 G480hp, 2-pedal auto transmission with OMSI PTO
  • 6” vacuum pump with 4,636m3/hr (2728cfm) Max. vacuum 93% (28” Hg)
  • 20m x 6” Vacuum hose reel, reaching depths of up to 8m below ground level without additional hose.
  • Water jetting pump 346ltrs/min @ 205bar 2973psi
  • 240m x 1” Jetting hose
  • Wet filtration Cyclone automatic cleaning and high-pressure flushing system to assist cleaning cycles.
  • Baghouse filtration allowing a wider range of materials to be harvested with automatic cleaning function.
  • Independent Hydro Excavation pump: 17ltrs/min @ 280bar (4060psi)
  • 60m x ½” Hydro Excavation hose reel
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