CKI industrial runs a fleet of two 6” Hydro Excavations (non destructive digging) units.
These units are our most-commonly sought-after model in the civil works industry. We believe our units offer the highest all-round productivity in the market with the best mix of tank size, payload and excavation rates: ensuring continuous productivity.

Our 2600CC NDD units feature the following benefits:

  • Mounted on Volvo FE 320 6×2 Euro 6 6×2 chassis
  • 8,000 litre Corten corrosion-resistant steel sludge tank, double-skinned
  • External 3,000 litre water tank
  • Vacuum system with 2,822 m3/hr (1,661cfm) Max 95% vacuum
  • Hydro excavation system – 17lt/min @ 280 bar (4,060psi)
  • 6” overhead boom with 270o rotation, mounted at rear of tank
  • Extendable arm reaches 4.8mtrs from centre of the truck
  • Highly efficient drive system on vacuum pump with ‘V’ belts and pneumatic clutch
  • Sound levels below 85 dBA
  • Vacuum shut-off via electronic tank sensor when tank is full of wet product
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